About Arc-en-Ciel

Our Vision

To inspire trust in Divine Love’s presence and power and confidence in our unique God-given identity

Our Mission

We provide a joyous and supportive community for Christian Science young adults and those interested in its values of spiritual growth and universal, unconditional love. Based in the beautiful and serene Swiss Alps, the camp offers time for spiritual unfoldment through fun adventure, reflection, and discovery while fostering strong friendships with people from around the globe.

We are guided by our commitment to:

  • Spiritual growth: We provide opportunities to overcome limitations while promoting time for stillness and contemplation, including the daily study of the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.
  • Respect: We promote an appreciation for nature and our unity with all of God’s creation.
  • Expression: We foster creativity, fun, and healing through simple and wholesome activity.
  • Inclusiveness: We value diversity and the rich exchange that develops from open-mindedness
  • Participation: We recognize the contribution of every community member, emphasizing a culture of teamwork and accountability

Our Organisation

Arc-en-Ciel is a non-profit organisation, financed by participants’ fees and donations.

The camp is organised by a group of Christian Scientists who have practiced Christian Science for many years. They represent a wide range of ages, occupations and are all volunteers.

The organisers aspire to offer young people a different sort of holiday camp, which in one way or another, will mean that participants return home with a precious “extra something” in their luggage.


Activities at Arc-en-Ciel are for every skill level. Qualities such as open-mindedness, mutual respect, love, inclusivity, self-expression, teamwork, and joy, to mention a few, are at the heart of every activity and may include:

  • Team Sports
  • Hiking
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Arts & Craft
  • Reading
  • Swimming
  • Talks
  • and more.


Arc-en-Ciel is open to all young people, provided they are sincerely interested in discovering or studying Christian Science. The essential requirement is individual commitment.

The camp’s ethics are based on the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, founder, and discoverer of Christian Science. For this reason, the individual or group study of the weekly bible lesson is included in the daily activities.


What is the origin of Arc-en-Ciel?

The Arc-en-Ciel camp was founded in Geneva in 1968 by a group of Christian Scientists who wished to gather youngsters from all over the world.

How old are the participants?

Participants are between 17 to 30. If you are outside this age and wish to attend please email the committee.

What are the camp activities?

Arc-en-Ciel is based on a dialogue between participants, speakers, and organizers. It includes talks, discussions and an exchange of ideas on relevant topics as seen through a Christian lens and in a casual, non-judgmental environment. In addition, athletic and leisure activities include, for example, mountain hiking trips, team sports, arts and crafts, music, and theatre. Participants are encouraged to actively engage and assist in these activities.

Can someone participate without being a Christian Scientist?

Yes, as far as the individual is interested in Christian Science, and is ready to live according to its principles during the camp.

Is it possible to come to camp for only a few days?

Although it is preferred that participants come to camp for the whole two-week duration for logistical reasons, we are willing to accommodate requests for shorter stays. 

How about financial aid?

Nobody should be prevented from participating due to financial reasons; the organisation committee will examine any request confidentially and may grant a reduction of the fee or deferred payments.

What are the main financial sources of the camp?

The camp is essentially financed by the participants’ fees and donations.

What is the relation between the Arc-en-Ciel camp and the Christian Science branch churches or The Mother Church in Boston?

The camp organisation is completely independent from The Mother Church and its branch churches.