Arc-en-Ciel 2024
at a glance

AEC 2024

" Blessed are the peacemakers. (Matt 5:9)"
When is the AEC 2024 :
From July 21st to August 3rd 2024
Where is AEC 2024 :
Jugendhaus St. Stephan, 
Byfanggasse 31, 3772 St. Stephan, Switzerland
What is the theme ? 
 Blessed are the peacemakers. (Matt 5:9)
How much does it cost ?
 800 CHF (including all meals and activities).
Who can come ? 
Everybody age 17 to 30 interested in Christian Science

Register for AEC 2024

To register for Arc-en-Ciel 2024, please click the apply button below and fill out the  Form.

If you encounter any problem, please contact us at

What activities will I do there ? 

Metaphysical activities
Lecturers come and give talks or group discussions on different topics. 


Day hikes & a two-day hike including a night in a mountain cabin. 

Sports, dance, arts & crafts

Different activities are offered according to your preferences.
Camp fire

Music and hymn sings

Talent show and much more

As a camp of young adults, we encourage everyone to contribute with their talents and interests by offering group activities.

How do I get there ? 

✈️ The best airports to fly into are Geneva Airport or Zurich Airport. There are good train connections from there. Zurich Airport is slightly closer to this year's camp. We are happy to organize a pick at the train station in St. Stephan.
       e.g. Zurich Airport --IC8(Brig)-->Spiez --R11(Zweisimmen)--> Zweisimmen --R35(Link im Simmental) -->St. Stephan
             Zurich Airport --IC1(Geneva Airport)-->Bern --RE1(Zweisimmen)--> Zweisimmen --R35(Link im Simmental) -->St. Stephan
             Geneva Airport --IC1(St. Gallen)-->Bern --RE1(Zweisimmen)--> Zweisimmen --R35(Link im Simmental) -->St. Stephan
             Geneva Airport --IC(Chur)-->Bern --RE1(Zweisimmen)--> Zweisimmen --R35(Link im Simmental) -->St. Stephan

🚉 Switzerland has outstanding public transport. To buy your public transport ticket click here. The final stop to enter is: St. Stephan. Our Chalet is located 15-20 walking minutes from the train station in St. Stephan. We are happy to pick up your luggage and you at the train station. Please let us know your estimated arrival time.

🚙 You can also take your car. Don't forget to purchase a "highway-vignette" (40 CHF) at the swiss boarder or online

What should I pack ? 

You will receive a detailed packing list once we have receive your application. Below are a few items to give you an idea.

  • summer and warm clothes and a waterproof jacket - the weather can change quickly in the mountains
  • hiking boots, backpack, lunch box, water bottle and sun protection (hat) for the two day hike - paths can be steep and uneven
  • athletic and swim wear - you'll be able to swim in lakes or swimming pool
  • comfortable relaxed clothes
  • Bible, Science & Health and weekly lesson
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping bag liner
  • Music instruments

Do you have any questions ? 

You can check out our FAQor contact us. 

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